SETLA is pleased to honor the following officers who have dedicated so
much of their time and talents to making SETLA a success.  The first
two prestigious awards were voted on by the board members for the
2012-2013 fiscal year.  

Robert Scobie:  Officer of the Year

Mark Latanzi:   Project of the Year
for Radio Controller Aircraft Project

Eero Kartiala: Past President

Congratulations to all!  
Election Results
Fiscal year 2010/2011, the following awards were announced:

Past President Award:  Ron Norris will receive this award from new President Bob

Officer of the Year:  Bill Rigert

Member of the Year:  Niles Nilo

Congratulations on jobs well done!
In recognition of their outstanding contribution to SETLA, Inc. for
fiscal year 2011-2012:

Bob Scobie                                        Michael Carl
Past President Award                        Board Member of the Year
Congratulations to the newly
elected Board of Directors for the
2016-2017 Fiscal Year

Chairman of the Board: Eero Kartiala
President: K
enny Lehman
Executive Vice President:
Mike Wei
Community Vice President:
Mark Latanzi
Education Vice President: Alan Smith
Treasurer:  Bill Rigert
Secretary:  B
rent Waln
Directors:  B
ob Scobie, Brent Waln
SETLA appreciates your dedication and service to the organization!

Tom Hanley:
2014-2015 Project of the Year Award

Brent Waln 2014-2015
Board Member of the Year:

Brent Waln 2014-2015 Past President Award:
Congratulations to the Year-End Award Recipients:

Annie Mears, Secretary
2015-2016 Officer of the Year

Allan Smith, Executive Vice President
2015-2016 Project of the Year Award
Scholarship Project

Eero Kartiala, President
Past President Award