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Team saVvy is an all-Girl Scout robotics team from the Antelope Valley.  The team
Recognition of Science and Technology) LEGO League.
Team sAVvy is funded by a generous donation from SETLA (Scientists, of sAVvy's
needs including equipment, registration and tournament fees, and tee shirts for
each girl.  Team sAVvy is guided by Girl Scout leaders Heidie Rigert, Renee
Pasman, and Vanessa Hartenstine.  Renee and Vanessa not only bring their time
SETLA members.
Our volunteers joined with others in clearing the grounds, watering trees, and digging trenches.  Velma Drever is the
founder of AVDCR (AV Dog and Cat Rescue).  She is a VERY energetic woman whose mission is to provide for abused and
neglected animals.  Saturday happened to be her birthday (she won’t say how many) so we all joined in for a slice of
birthday cake and a wonderful chili lunch provided by other volunteers.  Since SETLA had already funded the lunch, Nicole
turned over the money as a donation to AVDCR.
Vilma’s good works have also come to the attention of the community.  LA County Supervisor Mike Antonovich said that
Velma and her staff were overwhelmed by the volunteer work and to say it was appreciated, was an understatement.
AV Dog and Cat Rescue’s mission:
To provide a safe harbor for all of our animals. To make them feel as loved and as safe as possible. To rehabilitate them
through love, trust, devotion, and proper care so they may find a loving home where they can become a loving family
member. Some of our animals will never be able to be placed in homes outside our rescue, due to the severe abuse they
have endured. Our goal for these animals is to make them feel safe, loved, and as comfortable as possible, while they stay
with us for the rest of their natural life.
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SETLA successfully completed
the Toys for Troops Project,
which sent over 200 donated
toys to our troops in Afghanistan.
The purpose of the project was to
provide our soldiers with small
toys that they can carry in their
pockets or back packs to hand
out to the local children where
they are stationed.  This will help
build good relations with the local
citizens.  Most of the donations
came from the members of SETLA

and their friends. The largest single
donation came from the Lockheed-
Martin Leadership Association.