Frequently Asked Questions
What is SETLA?
A non-profit organization geared towards providing leadership training
opportunities for its members by conducting community service projects.
What is SETLA?
What does SETLA do?
What does SETLA do?
SETLA conducts various types of projects and programs such as,
community service, professional and individual development, family
development, government involvement, or any other approved projects
that offer leadership training opportunities for the membership.
Who founded SETLA?
Who founded SETLA?
The main founders of SETLA include Bill Rigert and Tap Kartiala. There
are also a number of founding members and officers that can be viewed
on the SETLA Founding Plaque – available for viewing during the
general meetings.
Who can join SETLA?
Who can join SETLA?
In order to become a member of SETLA, you must be a currently
enrolled student majoring in Science, Engineering or Technology, or a
graduate with a degree/degrees, or actively employed in the field of
Science, Engineering or Technology.
What type of activities does SETLA sponsor?
What type of activities does SETLA sponsor?
To date, SETLA has sponsored a variety of programs that range from
Scholarships, Girl Scout Robotics Team, FLEW, RC Airplane Demo,
and Super Science Saturday.  For more information on each event,
please check out the "
Events" link on the homepage or go "here". In
addition, we are always looking for new project ideas – please join us
and bring forward your new ideas.
When are the general meetings?
When are the general meetings?
On Lockheed-Martin's second "on-Friday" of the month.  As a
recruitment incentive, a complimentary lunch is currently being
served at each general meeting.  For a current schedule of meetings,
click on the link on the "Upcoming Events" tab.
Why are a part of SETLA's funds being used for lunches and parties?
Why are a part of SETLA's funds being used for lunches and parties?
This is a legitimate expense for the purpose of recruitment.  Once a
strong and active membership is built, we may begin charging for
lunches.  SETLA is not a social club. Since we were officially formed in
2005, we have had only four social get togethers. The rest of our
activities have all been for the benefit of the community.
SETLA is not officially sponsored by Lockhhed (e.g. LMLA), why join?
SETLA is not officially sponsored by Lockheed (e.g. LMLA), why join?
SETLA members gain valuable leadership opportunities, including
chairing their own project.  SETLA members lead projects in the
community and schools of the Antelope Valley.  We invite you to join
us at an upcoming General Membership meeting to learn how you
can get involved.  You can volunteer to assist with current projects or
start one of your own.  Build your resume while greatly benefiting the
local community and students.  Join us!